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Get free Tiktok Followers

get free tiktok followers with alien smm

What are followers on TikTok?

On TikTok, followers are users who choose to follow a specific account to view the content that the followed user posts. Followers are critical because they help measure a profile’s influence on the platform. The more followers a profile has, the more influential it becomes, attracting more engagement to its posts. This creates a snowball effect where more people follow the profile, leading to more engagement, shares, and virality. Ultimately, this results in the profile gaining even more followers.

Get free tiktok followers

How to get followers on TikTok

As TikTok has become one of the largest social media platforms today, searches for individuals and brands interested in gaining followers have increased daily. Many of these individuals want to get free TikTok followers, meaning organically. So, we decided to create a list of ways people can attract more followers to their profiles for free.

  1. Your profile is your business card: Create and edit your profile with all descriptive information so that people can look at it with a sense of professionalism and inspiration. Pin the most viral content to the top of your posts so your followers will see that you already have a lot of authority on the subject and possibly increase the chance of them following you. Suppose someone arrives at your profile through a video that appeared to them. In that case, you have to convey as much affinity as possible with that subject and thus convert this potential visitor into a new follower.
  2. Be creative and produce exciting content: Before creating any video for your profile and wasting time with little results, study the audience you want to reach and what type of content will fit best in your ‘niche.’ If you have a profile focused on ‘fitness‘, create content related to the gym and diets. These contents can be instructional, where you teach people to do the workout correctly, or even humorous, where you can put a short video of yourself training with an excellent caption that will provoke laughter and possibly generate some interaction from the follower, whether it’s a like or a share. Always study your audience, the minimum and maximum age that will probably like your content, so you will spend less energy creating the content and get much more return than a random video.
  3. Consistency in creating and publishing content: It’s interesting to have consistency in publishing your content. If you can’t make videos every day, you can get your followers used to following your pattern. If you can only publish two new videos per week, always schedule them for two specific days and times, and over time, your followers will already know that you will publish new content every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30 PM. Consistency is essential for your followers to see when you will publish and to encourage you to dedicate even more to your profile and audience.
  4. Use strategic hashtags to be found in more videos: You can reach even more audiences if you know how to use hashtags correctly in your content. Hashtags are essential for viral content and challenges. Influencers usually use hashtags in their videos when a new challenge or trend arises. Suppose a follower from any other profile likes the trend and clicks on the hashtag. In that case, they will find all the content/videos that also used those hashtags, including yours, so this profile can become another new follower and follow your entire profile. If you still don’t know how to use a hashtag, we’ll teach you a little more below.
  5. Engage and interact with your followers: Boost the engagement of your posts by actively interacting with your followers. Respond to their comments on every post, creating a sense of community and encouraging them to comment more. This increases your posts’ engagement and signals to the TikTok algorithm that your content is popular, potentially leading to more exposure. Remember, the higher the engagement of your posts, the greater the chance of going viral which can attract more followers to your profile.
  6. Cross-promotion with other social media platforms: Working on cross-promotion with your other social media platforms is quite interesting. If you made an excellent video on TikTok and saw that the engagement was good, share it on your other social media platforms, whether Facebook, Instagram, or any other. This way, you will bring your Instagram audience to TikTok and your TikTok audience to Instagram.
  7. Join trending challenges: This is one of the most extraordinary ways to gain followers and engagement. When you participate in trends, your chances of growing organically are increased. You can use trend templates like the “sounds” the platform provides in a separate tab. This way, you can choose the ones that best suit your profile and participate through dances or editing tricks. Further below, I’ll outline some strategies and trending formats for you in this same content.
  8. Track TikTok analytics metrics: Stay updated on the metrics your profile has achieved so you can ensure which content has received the most engagement/return, focus more on creating similar videos, and have more success with each video produced. If you don’t know how to use the metrics (TikTok Analytics) yet, we’ll teach you a little more below.

tricks and hacks get free tiktok followers

How to get followers on TikTok quickly

You can turn to third-party systems and apps to increase your TikTok followers quickly and for free. These systems are known as “Exchange Systems.” Exchange systems function as a mutual aid among their users. You gain followers, likes, and views, and in return, the system suggests profiles and posts for you to follow and like. This way, the system remains sustainable, and all its users benefit from followers, likes, and views on their posts. There are two types of known systems, and I’ll explain a little more below.

Websites and apps to get followers on TikTok

Some third-party apps and websites to gain followers and likes on TikTok work manually. Usually, you create an account on the website/app and link your profile (they do not ask for your login and password). The platform will have a “Feed” similar to social networks, showing profiles and posts. For each profile you follow and post you like, you will receive a “Score or Coin,” through these Scores or Coins, you can exchange for followers or likes within the platform itself.

How does the scoring or coins system work?
Each platform differs in terms of points and coins. For example, platform 1 gives you “1 point” for each post you like and “2 points” for each profile you follow. So, you can follow various profiles, like multiple posts, to increase your points and later use the points to exchange for followers and likes.

How do you exchange coins or points for followers and likes?
In most platforms with points and coins, there will be an option to “exchange.” This allows you to select the post you want to receive likes on or the profile you want to gain followers for. You can then enter the amount of coins you want to exchange. Voilà, your profile will appear in the system’s feed for other users to follow and like until it reaches the quantity you exchanged.

TikTok Followers Generator

Websites for automatic follower and like exchanges are also known as follower generators. Through them, your profile will receive significant followers daily without any effort, just by entering your details for the platform to ‘work’ for you. Your main task will be to go to the platform and choose whether you want to receive followers and likes on your profile or another. Below, I’ve outlined more precisely how a TikTok follower generator system works.

Websites and apps for automatic follower and like exchanges

The systems and apps for automatic follower and like exchanges ask you to enter your social media credentials to access the panel of free services. Some apps and systems allow you to gain between 50 to 500 followers per day and 100 to 2000 likes daily. These usually have no bureaucracy, and you have no work; they do all the followers and likes exchange automatically, making you follow and like the profiles registered on the platform, and you can request your followers and likes daily. Some automatic systems allow you to place followers and likes through links you insert yourself. Others only accept requests for likes and followers for the registered profile. Below, I will list some automatic systems that I already know.

How to use hashtags (#) on TikTok

As we discussed above, one way to gain more followers on TikTok is through hashtags. If you use the correct hashtag in your post, you can reach many more users and increase the chances of your content becoming even more viral.

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is nothing more than a term for social networks in which you can direct your content to an audience, thus increasing the chances of users finding your content through a hashtag category. To use it, insert the pound symbol (#) (the hash or pound sign) before a word/category related to your content.

How to use the correct hashtag on TikTok

Using the correct hashtag isn’t complicated at all. You first need to know which category your post fits into and then use the keyword related to your content. For example, let’s say I just created a video about ‘fitness training‘, what hashtags would be interesting to include in the video description?

Would it be #business, #nonprofit, #business, #dog? Not because when a user clicks on one of these categories to search for posts related to business, nonprofit, or dog, your content about ‘fitness training‘ would be there, having no relation to the hashtag.

Some suggested hashtags in this video would be #fitness, #lifestyle (this one still works), #gym, #musclebuilding. Hashtags function as an organizer; they’re like a kitchen drawer, where in one drawer you separate the spoons, in another you separate the glasses, in another you separate the plates, and so on. If you can find the category that fits your content, hashtags are crucial to reaching more users and, subsequently, potential new followers. If you’re unsure which categories to address or would like suggestions, you can access TikTok’s discovery and trending sections.

How NOT to use hashtags?

In addition to the explanation above, you should also be careful about the number of hashtags you include in your post. Too many hashtags, besides visually cluttering your post and causing the reader/follower to skip to another post, can also be considered spam. This could lead the algorithm to punish your content and potentially put you in a shadowban, making it difficult for your content to go viral.

How many hashtags can you use per video?
The recommended number of hashtags in each video is about 2 to 3. If used correctly, they will have much more impact than ten misused.

Trends and Tiktok Challenges

As I gave a minor spoiler of how trends and challenges can help you gain new followers on TikTok, I’ll give you some tips on making the most of these tools.

tiktok trends and challenges

  1. Why use trends and challenges on TikTok?
    When new users sign up for the platform, they’ll see things related to their interests in the ‘For You’ tab. As they start following some accounts and liking some content, the algorithm will filter what this user likes the most and deliver more content that fits their tastes. When a user is new, they have yet to define haven’t all their tastes, so the algorithm gives credibility to trends. In theory, if several people produce content on that particular subject for the algorithm, it’s enjoyable.
  2. If you create content with trends or challenges, you’ll have more chances of reaching these new users and automatically converting them into followers. Additionally, if a user consumes content based on trends and challenges, the algorithm starts delivering more and more content from that same trend. Thus, your post can reach even more people.
  3. The trend with sounds: One option that is quite viable for gaining knowledge and producing content is ‘Popular sounds, ‘found in a specific tab when someone performs a search.
  4. Trends with Dance Challenges: One of the ways the platform has grown the most is through dance challenges that influencers launch. They select the ‘Sound’ they desire and create a dance, a sequence of repetitive movements, so that people can join the challenge. This is an exciting way to gain followers because, through them, the audience that saw a dance challenge will receive more dance challenges from you and other creators.

Where to find trends and challenges on TikTok

If you’d like to stay updated on all the trends and challenges happening on TikTok, you can access the platform’s archive, which shows the challenges, trends, and hashtags that are most used on the platform at that moment. This feature makes it incredibly easy for you to find and participate in the latest trends and challenges, boosting your engagement and reach. Get access to trend discovery and challenges..

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